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Laboratory ovens are temperature controlled equipment. Usual working temperature range is between 50oC – 250oC. Standard digital ovens are mainly used for drying and heating processes while providing accurate temperature control and safety. Precise temperature control and homogeneous temperature distribution are the main indication  of the performance and quality  of the laboratory ovens.

Laboratory furnaces  are used in different drying and heating processes, applications. Material tests, aging and baking of the materials, hardening of resin, curing process and  some other  heat treatments are examples of application fields. Depending on the requirements, different types of ovens are manufactured. Higher temperatures up to 500oC laboratory ovens, vacuum laboratory ovens are manufactured depending on the requirement of some specific applications.

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Elektro-mag Laboratory Ovens

Elektro-mag offers a wide range of laboratory ovens to meet various needs. Working temperature range is between 50oC – 250oC and the required working temperature can be set easily by a user-friendly menu.

Main property to choose the correct Elektro-mag Laboratory Oven is the volume. Different volumes of the working area, which is called the inner chamber, enables to have different working spaces depending on the needs of the user. Elektro-mag laboratory ovens are classified as:

  • 24 Liters
  • 48 Liters
  • 100 Liters
  • 120 Liters

Aluminum chamber Elektro-mag Laboratory Ovens allow for rapid heating and cooling, which makes it ideal to conduct experiments that need fast temperature increase. In addition, the non-reactive character of aluminum guarantees that it doesn’t interfere with chemical reactions that take place within the oven, resulting in accurate and reliable results. Elektro-mag aluminum chamber ovens present a cost advantage for the customers.

Elektro-mag Stainless Steel Chamber Laboratory Ovens  are robust and impervious to corrosion, which makes them perfect for a variety of research and scientific applications. Furthermore, the seamless surface of the stainless steel oven makes it easier to clean and also prevents dirt or residue from accumulating, which could lead to inaccurate and unreliable results. Elektro-mag stainless steel laboratory ovens are equipped with a fan which is known as forced air convection laboratory oven. Blowing fan pushes the air around the inner chamber, providing very good heat uniformity and homogeneous temperature distribution in the chamber.

How to choose a laboratory oven?

  • Precise temperature control
  • Uniform heating and homogeneous temperature distribution
  • User friendly electronics control
  • These are the main factors which should be considered when choosing a laboratory oven.

Best way to make use of a lab oven?

Manufacturer directives should be implemented carefully during the use of the laboratory oven. Besides, proper cleaning  and preparation of the equipment is important to prevent any interference or contamination with the sample.

Laboratory Oven Safety

It is commonly used equipment in laboratories. General safety regulations for the equipment which work with electricity should be considered and general precautions should be applied against any hazard. For example electricity shock is the main danger and users should be careful against electricity shock hazards.

Besides, high temperature, existing gaseous processes are the other dangers. Gloves, eye-protection glasses, masks , lab coats should be used against any hazards. Of course any specific application may require extra precautions to prevent any hazardous situation.

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