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Explore top-of-the-line Neonatal Equipment designed to provide the highest level of care of new-born babies. Our wide range of products includes the latest solutions to meet the healthcare requirements of newborns. With a strong focus on innovation, safety, and convenience, we are committed to assisting medical specialists.

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The neonatal equipment collection features a variety of products as infant warmer, phototherapy equipment, baby’s cot. Each of them designed carefully to create a comfortable environment for new born babies. We know these units’ crucial importance in caring them. Our range of neonatal equipment reflects the most recent advancements in the field of technology as well as design.

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Vital Monitoring Solutions

Tracing the health of infants is essential. Elektro-mag  neonatal equipment range serves to keep the new-born babies comfort.

One of the item of Elektro-mag neonatal equipment is Elektro-mag infant warmer,  enables to keep new-born babies warm. It ensure their body temperature to keep at a certain level. Optional equipments of infant warmer serves in case of any need. Optional units like gas and gas blender equipment, resuscitation unit, aspiration unit are vital supplementary units in case of infant have some problems like breathing etc.

The other Elektro-mag neonatal product is phototherapy which is crucial equipment to heal the jaundice.

Elektro-mag is dedicated to advancing the quality of care for newborns through superior equipment. Our neonatal equipment collection helps to infants who need some medical care is needed at the beginning of their life.

Explore our collections and explore new possibilities in neonatal health by using our innovative equipment solutions.

Neonatal Equipment FAQs:

How can an infant warmer  aid new-born babies?

Elektro-mag infant warmer enables to keep infant warm. Optional units like gas and gas blender unit, resuscitation unit, aspiration unit provide some beneficies, if some problems exist as soon as the baby is born

How can an phototherapy aid new-born babies?

Electro-mag phototherapy is used to heal the jaundice which exists after the born.

What features of comfort do the incubators of Neonatal Equipment offer?

Elektro-mag neonatal products are benificiary products for the infant. These equipments create a  warm thermal area, provides more oxygen and air, provides aspiration for new-boen babies with basic structure or with optional and additional units. Besides enables to overcome some difficulties like jaundice.

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