Hematocrit (Microhematocrit)

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Hematocrit centrifuges are designed to separate the components of the blood. This process is required for medical tests. Quick and accurate seperation of the components of the blood is critical and it is achieved by hematocrit centrifuges.

Hematocrit is a parameter which is used to measure the volume of red blood cells (RBC) in a blood sample. It is the indication of the overall health of the patient and it is expressed as a percentage. Hematocrit level helps to understand the medical conditions of a patient. It is possible to diagnose anemia, polycythemia, and dehydration.

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Hematocrit centrifuges manage to separate the parts of the blood, plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets.

Hematocrit centrifuges are used

  • – to determine the volume of the RBC. Low RBC level is an indication of anemia.
  • – to assess donor eligibility in blood donation centers. It is also important for the safety of the donors and recipients.
  • – for hematology researches. Isolation of the blood componets helpfull for the research of blood disorders and diseases.
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