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Laminar flow cabinets, also known as clean benches, are enclosed workspaces commonly used in laboratories and medical facilities. These cabinets utilize high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters to create a controlled environment with unidirectional airflow, minimizing the risk of contamination during sensitive procedures. They are designed to provide a sterile and particle-free workspace for tasks such as cell culture, sample preparation, and handling of hazardous substances. However, laminar flow cabinets  should not be used without user protection remedies, when infectious materials are worked.

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Laminar flow cabinet and its types

There are two main types of laminar flow cabinets:

  • Horizontal flow cabinets,
  • Vertical flow cabinets.

Horizontal flow cabinets have airflow that moves horizontally across the work surface, while vertical flow cabinets have airflow that moves vertically from the top of the cabinet to the work surface. Both types provide a clean and controlled environment, but the choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the procedures being performed.

Important to keep in mind that both vertical and horizontal flow cabinets are able to protect the sample from the user but the user is not protected from the sample, due to the direction of the flow.

Where the laminar flow cabinets are used ?

Medical laboratories, medical equipment assembly, tissue cultures, pharmaceutical production, optical-lens assembly, food processing, data recovery, electronics part assembly, defense and aviation industry are some examples of laminar flow cabinets.  

Working area in the laminar flow cabinet is equipped with a UV lamp and the UV lamp provides a sterilized working area to prevent contamination of experiments, production etc. due to bacteria and viruses. It is important to turn off the UV lamp when the air flow is activated.

What Elektro-mag Laminar Flow Cabinets offer ?

Offering an undeniable level of insurance for the client, climate, and item, the LM Series Elektro-mag Laminar Flow Cabinets are intended for all reviews with microorganisms with no destructive or questionable level of harm. It completely shields against particles generated in the working zone, completely shields against contaminants suspended in the air.

In accordance with standards, the cab has either a continuously lubricated centrifuge or a directly driven fan/engine that is dynamically balanced on two planes for low noise, low vibration, and long service life. The most recent generation of energy-efficient fans is utilized to provide a consistent wind stream, notwithstanding building voltage variances.

The LM 901 Laminar Flow Cabinet and the LM 1201 Laminar Flow Cabinet are the laminar flow systems with two different sizes of Elektro-mag brand. As the common directives, Elektro-mag Laminar Flow Cabinets are equipped with UV lamp and  HEPA filters. 

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