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Newborns may require intensive medical care. This care is provided by a group of units which is called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. NICU is a general term that is used for neonatal intensive care units.

Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) are used to treat premature, tiny, or ill newborns. This treatment is vital for the babies whose conditions require intensive care.

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Monitoring and Diagnostic Testing

Monitoring and diagnostic testing are important to diagnose the condition of the newborn, and intensive care is a kind of procedure that is applied by a group of doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals.  As it is understood, neonatal equipment is a group of equipment. Producer companies focus on all of these equipment or some of them for manufacturing. Commonly used equipment in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) can be listed as follows;

  • Intensive Phototherapy Equipment
  • Infant warmer (Radiant Warmer)
  • Resuscitation Device
  • Oxygen Blender
  • Aspirator
  • Baby’s Cot
  • Monitoring Systems (Temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, cardiorespiratory Monitor, etc.)

Elektro-mag : Quality Product

The neonatal equipment collection of Elektro-mag features a variety of products such as infant warmers, phototherapy equipment, baby’s cot, and complementary accessories such as an oxygen blender, aspirator, and resuscitation devices. Each of them is designed carefully to create a comfortable environment for newborns. We know these units’ crucial importance in caring for them. Our range of neonatal equipment reflects the most recent advancements in the field of technology and design.

Vital Treatment Solutions

Tracing the health of infants is essential to diagnosing the condition of the newborn. Recognition of their condition is important to deciding on intensive care treatment. Elektro-mag neonatal equipment range serves to keep their comfort.

Elektro-mag Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Products

Elektro-mag Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Products which are manufactured in our facility area can be listed as:

  • Intensive phototherapy equipment
  • Infant warmer
  • Baby’s cot

This product range includes some modified models and accessories.

Intensive Phototherapy Equipment

This is crucial equipment for healing jaundice.

Infant Warmer

It enables to keep newborn babies warm. It ensures their body temperature is kept at a certain level. Optional equipment can be included in the neonatal intensive care unit range. A gas blender unit, resuscitation unit, and aspiration unit are vital supplementary devices in case an infant has some problems like breathing, etc.

Baby’s Cot

It is a specialized bed designed for newborns. They are used to let newborns feel safe and comfortable if they need any treatment in the hospital.

Neonatal Equipment FAQs

What is Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)?

Newborns may require intensive medical care. A group of medical equipment provides the necessary treatment to heal new equipment. These pieces of equipment are grouped and called neonatal intensive care units.

How can an infant warmer aid newborn babies?

Elektro-mag infant warmer enables the newborn to be kept warm. Optional units like the gas blender unit, resuscitation unit, and aspiration unit provide some benefits if some problems exist as soon as the baby is born.

How can phototherapy aid newborn babies?

Elektro-mag phototherapy is used to heal the jaundice that exists after birth.

What features of comfort do Neonatal Equipment incubators offer?

Elektro-mag neonatal products are beneficial products for the infant. These equipment create a warm thermal area, provide more oxygen and air, and provide aspiration for newborns with basic structure or with optional and additional units. Besides, it enables us to overcome some difficulties like jaundice.

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