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Understanding the Autoclaves

Autoclaves, which are commonly regarded as crucial tools in laboratory and medical environments, are essential in the process of sterilization using steam. This article will discuss autoclaves and their functions to create a clean environment. 

Although it is not exactly  true, steam sterilizers are known as autoclave. Infact sterilization can be implemented by dry heat or chemical vapor etc. Besides, steam sterilizers are called steam autoclaves.

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Working Principle & Types of Autoclaves

Autoclaves can be found in various types, catering to particular sterilization requirements in various environments. Benchtop steam sterilizers and tabletop sterilizers for autoclaves, vacuum sterilizers, and rapid steam sterilizers comprise the spectrum. Sterilization methods can be different such as dry heat, chemical vapor, steam sterilizing. Each model meets distinct needs and ensures efficient sterilization processes in medical facilities, laboratories, and more. However, their grouping is indicated by means of classes. They are known as N-Class, S-Class, B-Class autoclaves. This article includes mainly information about B-Class autoclaves, because our steam sterilizer, Elektro-mag autoclaves are B-Class autoclaves.

Very briefly, steam sterilizers ( Autoclaves ) enable the sterilization by steam to raise the temperature of the workpiece or sample  and microorganisms are eliminated. 

Exploring Steam Sterilization

Steam sterilization is a widely accepted method of eliminating contaminants and ensuring sterility in different applications. This section explains the fundamentals of steam sterilization and discusses its ability to preserve the integrity of critical lab equipment and materials. Steam sterilization’s flexibility makes it a crucial instrument for maintaining a sterile environment, which is crucial to scientific reliability.

Elektro-mag steam sterilizers are B-class autoclaves. B-class autoclaves are known as high-performance autoclaves relative to their sizes. This property ensures their wide use. Elektro-mag autoclaves are high-performance products with effective results relative to their small sizes too as the nature of B-class autoclaves.


The sterilization process starts with the removal of air in B-class autoclaves. The duty cycle starts with a vacuum and air in the chamber is removed by vacuum. The pressure and temperature raising follows the air removal. Sterilization takes place when pressure and temperature reach the saturation level which is called holding time. Temperature and pressure are applied at a certain level constantly and sterilization continues. The cycle is completed by drying the workpiece in the autoclave chamber. A drying process is implemented, decreasing the pressure under the atmospheric pressure which enables the lowering of the boiling temperature of the water. Then boiled water in the gas phase ( Steam ) is vacuumed and the workpiece is dried. Now, the autoclave is ready to open, workpiece is sterilized and dried.

Advantage of Autoclaves

Autoclaves are used in various fields. Healthcare, dental, medical applications, research and test applications in industrial laboratories, research centers, and university laboratories are some examples of fields where steam sterilizers are used.

Steam sterilizers ( Autoclaves ) are effective and efficient sterilization equipment. Good results in a short cycle is an indication of an effective and efficient procedure. Steam presents the advantage of penetration. It enables very good sterilization in a short time and means that operating cost is also low compared to other methods. 

Considering the advantages, steam sterilizers ( Autoclaves ) are commonly used sterilizers.

The Safety of Steam Sterilizers 

The working principle of autoclaves requires relatively high temperature and pressure. Whatever the level of temperature and pressure, end users should care about their protection when they operate the steam sterilizer (Autoclave). Precautions can be summarized as, 

  • Follow manufacturer directives to operate the steam sterilizer
  • Wear personal protective equipment
  • Don’t use any item which is not resistant to high temperature, or pressure.
  • Follow the requirement of closing the door before starting the equipment and opening the door after the end of the process. Read carefully the operating manual

How to Choose Autoclave

Capacity: Volume chamber is the determining factor and user need is important. Elektro-mag autoclaves are manufactured as 18 liter and 23 liter.

Sterilizing Process: You should be sure about the results and performance of the equipment. Elektro-mag autoclaves are high performance products.

Price of the Autoclave: As every product quality-performance-price balance should satisfy the users. Elektro-mag autcoclaves are high performance products with suitable prices.

Technical Service: After sales service, rapid feedback, supplying spare parts on time etc are important issues. Elektro-mag considers all details of customer problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding steam sterilization, autoclaves, and sterilization techniques:

What is Steam Sterilization?

Steam sterilizer (Autoclaves) equipment enables the sterilization by vacuum and steam to raise the temperature of the workpiece or sample. Vacuum aids the steam which is exposed to the workpiece. At the end of the process, the workpiece is sterilized and dried.

What is the Working Principle of Steam Sterilizer? 

  • Removal of the air in the chamber by vacuum
  • Temperature and pressure raises
  • Temperature and pressure is hold constant at a certain level
  • Sterilization is completed.
  • Drying the workpiece is completed.
  • Steam sterilizer ( Autoclave ) is ready to open
  • Pay attention if the workpiece is too hot.

What are the Advantages of  Steam Sterilizer ? 

Steam sterilizers ( Autoclaves ) are effective and efficient sterilization equipment.

Good results in a short cycle are an indication of an effective and efficient procedure. 

Steam presents the advantage of penetration. It enables very good sterilization in a short time and means that operating cost is also low compared to other methods. 

What are the criteria to choose Autoclave?

  • Capacity 
  • Effectivennsess and efficiency of sterilization process ( Performance)
  • Price
  • After sales service

Elektro-mag is not responsible for the self protection of operators. Explanations here are just general information to present the importance of self protection of the operator. If required, authorized people’s advice should be asked and they should direct the operator for their own  safety.

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