M 4808 P Centrifuge (Full Swing-out Rotor w/Brushless Motor w/RCF Display)

Capacity16 x 15 ml
Optional Rotors4 x 50 ml – 4 x 100 ml
Rotor TypeFull swing-out
Control UnitPID Microprocessor Control with 4.3’’ TFT Touch Screen Display
Speed Setting500-4500 rpm
Speed Setting Increment10 rpm
Max. RCF3602 x g
Power Rating350 W
Power SupplyAC 190-240V / 50-60 Hz

The features and benefits of the M 4808 P Centrifuge include its full swing-out rotor with brushless motor and RCF display, PID microprocessor control, and touch screen display. The capacity of the centrifuge is to hold up to 16 x 15 ml tubes, with optional rotors available for different tube sizes, including 4 x 50 ml and 4 x 100 ml.

The speed settings of the centrifuge range from 500 to 4500 rpm with 10 rpm increments, allowing for precise control over sample processing. The maximum relative centrifugal force (RCF) of the centrifuge at 3602 x g is important for separating samples based on density or size differences. The power rating and supply requirements for the M 4808 P Centrifuge, including its energy-efficient design with a power rating of 350 W and compatibility with AC voltages between 190 and 240 volts at frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz.

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